To lead the environmental consulting field in Israel, serve our clients professionally, with credibility and respect so that Envirotech will be


The natural and right choice for customers that are looking for practical and professional solutions, while maintaining professional ethics combined with quality and service excellence

About Us

Envirotech is a consulting, design and environmental Project Management Company. The company has declared to provide its services at the most comprehensive, professional, reliable and ethical manner, while maintaining the principles of excellence, quality service and using the most advanced technologies. Our services are available while providing personal support throughout all stages of implementation until achieving the full solution and the consent of the law enforcement.

Envirotech was founded by Shmuel Afuta, the manager and the owner, who has extensive academic background and professional experience. His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biotechnology and Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

His professional career in the environmental field began as a coordinator of industrial and hazardous materials for the City of Herzliya and later, as CEO of an Environmental and Consulting Company. The combination of academic and his career background has led to experience of over a decade in the planning, management and supervision of environmental projects. Most specifically, he has extensive experience in treatment and rehabilitation of soil and water pollution and waste management.

During this period, many projects were carried out for the Ministry of Environmental Protection through the geographical mapping field, the solid waste field. Hundreds of historical surveys and land surveys were carried out for various government agencies, the IDF, fuel companies, real estate companies and others. for our portfolio

Our advantages

:Envirotech provides its customers

  • Extensive experience and expertise in performing variety of operations
  • Customizing the extensive knowledge, experience and the legal requirements effectively
  • Intensive and updated knowledge of the Israeli legislation and regulations
  • Intensive knowledge and continuous work with the various service providers
  • Using the best technologies for the detection, treatment, and rehabilitation

Our services

Contaminated soils

-Planning and execution of CSM (Contaminated Site Management) using

  • (Historical surveys (Phase I – Environmental Site Assessment Process
  • (Soil gas surveys (variety of technologies passive / active
  • (Soil surveys (various drilling technologies
  • Remidation of land
  • Groundwater contamination

Plans and Permits

  • Promotion of business licenses
  • Promoting real estate plans
  • Providing expert opinions and accompanying of licensing processes with the authorities

Waste Management

  • Preparation of master plans for waste treatment
  • Advising and accompanying the recycling revolution (source separation for designated streams)
  • Surveys of waste according to Israeli Standard 2221
  • Supporting the establishment of sorting facilities and edge facilities for waste treatment

Industrial wastewater

  • Preparation of industrial waste Survey, advice and accompanying for construction of ancillary facilities for the treatment industrial wastewater
  • Preparation of technical affair


  • Monitoring asbestos work
  • Management of asbestos removal